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Hon-Man Lee, Ph.D., J.D.

Patent Attorney


*Practice limited to matters at federal courts and agencies, including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Professional Profile

Bar Admissions

  • State of Texas (2006)
  • U.S. Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit (2008)
  • U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas (2008)
  • U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas (2008)
  • U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas (2008)
  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (2001)


  • J.D. (2006)
    University of Houston
  • Ph.D. (1994)
    Baylor College of Medicine (Immunology)
  • B.S. (1987)
    University of Houston (Biology)


  • English
  • Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin Dialects)

Professional Experience

  • Scientific research experience: Naval Medical Research Institute, and Baylor College of Medicine.
  • Patent law experience: Adler & Associates, Wong Cabello Lutsch Rutherford & Brucceleri, and Law Offices of Albert Wai-Kit Chan.

Professional Membership

  • American Intellectual Property Law Association


  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “Advenovirus-Mediated Herpes Simplex Virus-Thymidine Kinase Gene Therapy In Men With Radiorecurrent Prostate Cancer Leads To Stimulation Of The Immune System And Increases In Circulating Cytokines,” Abstract in the First Annual Meeting of The American Society of Gene Therapy (1998).
  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “Experimental Gene Therapy For Prostate Cancer: Treatment Of Mouse Prostate Cancer With Adenovirus Mediated Interleukin-12 Gene Transduction Alone And In Combination With Herpes Simplex Virus Thymidine Kinase Gene Transduction And Ganciclovir Therapy,” Abstract in the American Urologic Association Annual Meeting (1998).


  • Lee, Hon-Man, “An Original Grant Patent System Coming To Hong Kong,” in Biotechnology in Hong Kong, 297-304 United States-China Intellectual Property Institute Inc., Albert Wai-Kit Chan ed. (2015).
  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “A Patent Perspective On US Stem Cell Research,” 32 NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY 633-637 (2014).
  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “Reasonably Withheld Consent In License Agreements,” 22 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LITIGATION, AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION 16 (2010).
  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “Combination Gene Therapy With Adenoviral Vector-Mediated HSV-tk+GCV And IL-12 In An Orthotopic Mouse Model For Prostate Cancer,” 4 PROSTATE CANCER PROSTATIC DIS. 44-55 (2001).
  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “Dietary 4-HPR Suppresses The Development Of Bone Metastasis In Vivo In A Mouse Model Of Prostate Cancer Progression,” 18 CLIN. EXP. METASTASIS 429-438 (2000).
  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “Prostate Cancer Gene Therapy: Comparison Of Adenovirus-Mediated Expression Of Interleukin 12 With Interleukin 12 Plus B7-1 For In Situ Gene Therapy And Gene-Modified, Cell-Based Vaccines,” 6 CLIN. CANCER RES. 4101-4109 (2000).
  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “Resistance To Lysis By Cytotoxic T Cells: A Dominant Effect In Metastatic Mouse Prostate Cancer Cells,” 60 CANCER RES. 1927-1933 (2000).
  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “Adenovirus-Mediated Interleukin-12 Gene Therapy For Prostate Cancer: Suppression Of Orthotopic Tumor Growth And Pre-Established Lung Metastases In An Orthotopic Model,” 6 GENE THER. 338-349 (1999).
  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “A Spontaneously Arising Mutation In The DLAARN Motif Of Murine ZAP-70 Abrogates Kinase Activity And Arrests Thymocyte Development,” 6 IMMUNITY 663-671 (1997).
  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “Role Of Alpha 5 Beta 1 Integrin In TGF-Beta 1-Costimulated CD8+ T Cell Growth And Apoptosis,” 157 J. IMMUNOL. 2916-2923 (1996).
  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1 Co-Stimulated Growth And Regulatory Function Of Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B-Responsive CD8+ T Cells,” 155 J. IMMUNOL. 609-618 (1995).
  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “Differential Activation Of CD8+ T Cells By Transforming Growth Factor-Beta 1,” 151 J. IMMUNOL. 668-677 (1993).
  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “pp59Fyn Mutant Mice Display Differential Signaling In Thymocytes And Peripheral T Cells,” 70 CELL 741-750 (1992).
  • Lee, Hon-Man, Co-Author, “Co-Stimulation of T Cell Proliferation By Transforming Growth Factor-Beta 1,” 147 J. IMMUNOL. 1127-1133 (1991).
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