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Changchun Sun, MD

M.D. (2003)
Guangzhou Medical University

Changchun Sun, M.D.

Medical Advisor


*Not Admitted to Any Jurisdiction

Practice Focus

Mr. Sun is a medical advisor on matters related to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare industry, market strategy, research and development, and food and drug approval process in China.

Mr. Sun is experienced in the following areas:

  • Sale of Pharmaceuticals (promoting the sale of antibiotics and digestive products in diverse regions in China, including Guangdong, Anhui and Shanxi Provinces, and major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing and Tianjin)
  • Technology Protection (fostering the protection and promotion of various medical and scientific technologies in China and other international markets by working closely with universities, start-up companies and legal professionals)

  • Medical Devices (overseeing the entire commercialization process of novel medical devices in China: from research, to development, protection, regulatory approval, marketing, and sale)
  • Pharmaceutical Products (representing an asthma therapy for an American company, and achieving first hospital procurement bidding in China)
  • Market Development (reaching sales and product development agreements in China for several Japanese and American pharmaceutical companies)


After receiving his MD degree from Guangzhou Medical University, Mr. Sun has dedicated his career in the commercialization of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Mr. Sun is versatile in his ability to promote sale of antibiotics, digestive drugs, asthma therapy and other products in major cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing.

As founder of Guangzhou Yulin Medical Science & Technology Company, Ltd., Mr. Sun has obtained 1 U.S. patent, 9 Chinese patents and 3 Chinese trademarks related to medical devices. He plays a significant role in the invention, research and development, approval and marketing of these devices.

Mr. Sun’s hobby is running. In addition to keeping a vigorous daily routine in exercise, Mr. Sun has accomplished the Marathon races in Xiamen, Singapore, and Washington DC. Mr. Sun’s family also loves running, as Mrs. Sun and their daughter have completed their 5K Run in Washington, DC.

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